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up to 48 Channel Digital Recording

Bands & Things We Have Recorded LIVE:

CBS News This Morning, PBS Lowertown Live, Babes In Toyland, Bob Mould, Devotchka, Gear Daddies, Janis Joplin Tribute, Red Bull, Soul Asylum, The Jayhawks, DESSA, DAWES, Suicide Commandos, Lizzo, Drive-By Truckers, Nicholas David, Grant Hart, The Gleam, Jef Lee Johnson, Chastity Brown, DJ Sophia Eris, Ani Di Franco, Big Star 3rd, Chris Stamey, Godspeed You Black Emperor, In Search of Solace
and many others.


We have over 40 years of experience in Music, Audio engineer, Recording Engineer, and Video production.

We offer you state of the art technology and Experience to produce your project on a tight budget.

Sound Check Main Room First Ave

Sound Check Main Room First Ave

We specialize in recording live events such as rock concerts and other as it happens events.   With our various DAW’s and gear we use to record you would think it was recorded in a Studio costing much much more.  We are located in the Central area of Minnesota and we can travel to your event and record it for you.

We carry state of the art digital recording equipment.  We use state of the Art editing and mixing software.  With the Between the Q and our various Roland DAR’s we can record up to 48 channels, or more, all at once, if necessary.  Perfect for live concert recording.  We provide a great service at a great price.   We give you WAV files, which can be used by ANY sound, and video editing software.

Our Prices are very competitive. One recording studio in the Minnesota market charges $75 an hour just for the gear, not to mention the tech.  We will charge a flat fee to record your show or event.  We are not in this totally for the money, got more than one band, show, we will work something out with you that works for you. 

We also have competitive rates for mixing and mastering.  Most studios require you to purchase a Block of studio time.  This can run into the thousands of dollars to record and mix your CD.  We can do the same and do it for less.  No minimum requirement for studio time and reasonable rates for the mixing and mastering that we do.  All without sacrificing the quality of the production.

Here are a few samples We Recorded, Mixed, and or Mastered.

Rockford Mules, LIVE – “Ma They Broke Me”

16 Track Live Recording

The Tisdales, LIVE – “Anything you Want To”

16 Track Live Recording

The Petty Demons, LIVE – “Caramel Chameleon”

16 Track Live Recording