Two New Samples

We have recorded the Tisdales, the first one was OK but not the best, the second  WOW… so we made a MP3 Sample for you to listen to of the mix of one of their hits  Lovin Arms Of Life.  This is a really cool song and I am sure you will enjoy it!!…

The Tisdales – Lovin Arms of Life

We also have recorded the Rockford Mules and have a new mix of one of their hits available as well.  If your not familiar with this really popular Twin Cities band your in for a real treat.  THEY ROCK… and we have a sample of one of their hits Step Aside Son for you to sample and enjoy.

The Rockford Mules – Step Aside Son

Keep ROCKING, we are!!!  Look for more samples to come and find us on FACEBOOK, Slippery Wrench search should find us.