Now Totally DIGITIAL

We are now TOTALLY DIGITAL in our mixing and mastering.  With the Addition of Sonar (Cakewalk) and also Pro-Tools (both industry leading software for mixing and mastering) we are now producing totally digital recordings from start to finish.

This of course means we are re-mixing our past mixes we have done with our DAW with the new DAW’s.  Why? Well the software offers so many more features that were much needed in our recorder.  We still use the DAW recording for recording so nothing has changed on that end, just that now we are mixing in a totally digital environment.  Our recording setup is still top of the line when it comes to recording, excellent pre’s excellent A-D converters that can’t be beat and record 16 channels at a time.  As you will soon see it just means that our mixes are turning out much nicer.