The Lake Mystery Movie

The Lake Mystery Movie is a thriller film made from “Found Footage”.  The footage was found when some SD cards were purchased at a garage sale.  Assembled they tell the story of a person who see’s mysterious lights across the lake and his investigation of them over the course of the summer of 2016.

Running an hour and ten minutes you will be treated to a wonderful musical score written by John White.  You can find more music by him for free in our section with free downloads.

You can see a trailer for the film below.  Enjoy and then purchase this film for only $1.99


Only $1.99 for your 4k HD digital copy of The Lake Mystery full movie

The Lake Mystery is a movie about strange happenings on a lake in East Central Minnesota. A found footage film it takes video from SD cards and assembles the story. This is in a 4k video format, running about 1hour 10mintues in length. It is a almost 4gig download.  #thelakemystery