Good management can make or break a band’s success, but who can you trust to manage your band? I want make your band successful. I’m a manager who specializes in local bands and can promote your band, land gigs for your band to play, get your band recording in the studio, customize merchandise for your band to sell, and manage your band’s social media presence to help your band rise to the top.

I excel in social media presence, photos, merchandise, booking gigs, and can help your band access affordable recording studio time. I have the connections to help you be successful. I have worked with Slippery Wrench Studio, a locally owned studio in the Twin Cities that has recorded everything from garage bands to top artists that tour globally. I also specialize in managing band websites, and have run several successful web-based organizations and businesses such as The Institute for Cannabis, John Birrenbach Consulting, Coffee-n-Caffeine, Space Murder among just a few.

If your band needs a manager who knows the right people to get your band into top venues, can help your band record your music, and can help your band get the social media recognition it deserves, contact me, John “Sparky” Birrenbach for your band management.

One band I currently manage is a newer band to the Heavy Metal Scene.  A powerful young band called SPACE MURDER.  Check out the website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook page to see what I’ve done for them.