About Slippery Wrench Productions

With over 40 years of experience in both audio and video production we offer you state of the art technology to produce your audio or video project.  Regardless of if you need a sound tech for an existing system or build your system we can do it.  Between Mike and John they have built 3 recording studios, ran countless different pieces of gear and run shows for many bands and private parties.

We built our name by being prompt, courteous, and providing the best service at a great price.  We have been producing live recordings of events such as rock concerts and other as it happens events.  We also offer other services including a full service 1000s/f+, 4 room, 32 track digital studio in St Paul.

On the road or in the studio, we carry state of the art digital recording equipment.  We use state of the Art editing and mixing software.  We provide a great service at an affordable price.

When you combine our professional gear with our professional expertise you get a professional result. It really is as simple as that.

John (aka Sparky) has been in music since he was around 8 years old learning guitar.  Has played in many bands, written and recorded music, made music videos, been a sound engineer for a number of bands and clubs, has played with Cheap Trick Drummer Bun E Carlos.  He has also produced a number of video projects for a number of different things.  From Cable TV Programing to Documentaries and Videos for companies Sparky has created them.  He has worked in every position from camera man to final production Sparky has been involved in every step to from Grip to  complete production process.  With his ear for music and his eye for the right video shot the editing experience behind him, along with the technology Sparky will provide your project with a finishing touch you will not believe.

Mike “B” Birrenbach aside from being the house recording engineer at the legendary 1st Av Mainroom in downtown Minneapolis, is also a musician, songwriter, and audio engineer.  Having played in bands, written songs, recorded or being recorded he has years of experience in music and video production.  He has his own studio, The Rice St Circus Studio, located on Rice St in St. Paul MN.  The studio, is one of the finest “home” studios in the area.

Then there are the many other experts we can draw in for YOUR project and produce the best you can get.