We have a slew of great recording gear available in the studio and on the road.

ON SITE- we have many options available for on site recording that range from 16-24-32-48 track from 41.1k to 96k. We can meet any needs and/or tight budgets.

We also provide great sounding, affordable professional sound support for every type of event from small DJ parties to large live band venues.

Our mic selection is made up of the industry standards complimented by some extraordinary options with a nearly limitless supply of mics on an as needed basis.

IN THE STUDIO- In our acoustically treated Control Room at the Rice Street Circus Studio, we operate an Allen and Heath QU32  32-channel digital desk as the heart of the studio. Accompanied by Carver, QSC and Crown amps pushing JBL 4412 Studio Monitors as well as the Klipsch R-12SW sub woofer. This gives the crystal clear listening environment necessary for flawless mixes for every type of music from Hip Hop to Hard Rock to Country.

Although the combination of this console and our recording software provide a nearly limitless array of sound options, we also house some great vintage and modern analog gear. Our outboard gear rack is stuffed with things like the DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp, and industry standards like the DBX 166 dual gate/compressor, Rane GE14 Stereo Graphic Equalizer, as well as the vintage Alesis XT:c digital reverb and Midiverb II. We also maintain a pair of Layla Echo 24/96 A/D converters, for those old school diehards. All of these items are easily accessed through the convenient Tascam PB32P patchbay.

We have a great line up of guitars from Fender, Gibson, Takamine, National, Epiphone and others and our house amps include legendary amps such as the Roland Jazz Chorus 120, Fender Deville 212 and Lab Series L11 stack as well as some modern amps such as the Marshall MG100DFX.

Along with the host of instruments and classic amps available on site the live room features an astounding 14 separate mixes, which can be routed to large room monitors, such as the QSC K10 or JBL Eon15’s or any of our numerous headphone options (or bring your favorite).