Our rates are reasonable and flexible.

The Rice Street Circus Studio will work with bands and artists to arrange for anything from a couple quick hours of voice over to elaborate LP projects. Our prices are flexible and discounts are available for booking blocks of time. Gift certificates are available, for the PERFECT MUSICIAN GIFT.

Standard low volume rate- $55/hr

Daily Rate- $450/10 hr day (1 hour load in- 8 hour session- 1 hour load out)

Bulk Rate- $40/hr

Weekly Rates Available based on scheduling

“No Surprises” Project Rates Available- Variable based on project

1st Avenue Mainroom– Lead engineer, Mike B, serves as the house recording engineer for the iconic 1st Av Mainroom in Mpls MN. We have a 48 track machine integrated with the FOH Midas console combining to give stellar results that have been utilized by more bands than we can name here, including many commercial releases. If you are playing 1st Avenues Mainroom there is no easier, cheaper or more reliable option for recording and our services are part of the Advancing Information email sent out by the club. Check us out.

Anywhere– We have several mobile rigs ready to go to any location, from 16 to 48 track. You get a mobile rig, an engineer to run the rig and the recordings with all rights for distribution for one low price!

We can and will mix and master your tracks for you. Your welcome to join us in the Rice Street Circus Studio Control Room while we mix and master your tracks (we encourage you to join us) and we will deliver to you a finished product that you will be PROUD to distribute.  There is nothing like the sound and energy of a band live to set the scene.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact Us Today.

email:  booking@slipperywrench.com