We run a professional digital audio recording system with A/D conversion to 48k 24bit (above CD quality) with the option of 96k.

In live applications we patch into your snake with our passive XLR splitters.  Your FOH engineer gets his standard setup, we do not interfere with your live performance we just record it.  We also run additional mics to capture ambient crowd sounds for use in the mix.  We can set up to record 16-48 channels at the same time (usually more than enough for any band).

WE DO NOT NEED ANY GEAR:  We carry all the gear we need.  With the passive splitters your mics on stage are plenty (in some cases we may wish to add an additional mics).  We have our own snake which leads from your FOH snake to our inputs to record.  We even carry extra gear in case something is not working right.

HOW MUCH SPACE DO WE NEED?  We do not need a lot of space.  All we need is an area the size of a card table.  All our gear is carried in two crates, one for the recorder/mixer the other for cables.