In our professionally designed and treated Control Room, we have a vast array of gear all centered around our 32 channel Allen and Heath digital console.

From here we can manage and mix up to 14 separate headphone mixes and send them to any room in the studio (or, you can run your own mix, wifi, from your phone or one of our tablets). This makes the listening and recording experience a treat for everyone in the studio, including live tracking large bands.

All of this is monitored through the Carver PM100 stereo amp and legendary JBL 4412 studio monitors, complimented by the Klipsc h R-12SW sub for a picture perfect listening environment.


img_20161019_174909967Our outboard gear combined with the high resolution digital console allows us to create all of the most desired sounds, from analog tube preamps, compressors, EQ’s and classic rack effects units to super clean digital interfaces.

DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp with digital outs, DBX 166 Compressors, Rane analog EQ’s, Alesis XT:c classic digital reverb, Alesis Midiverb II classic multieffects unit, 2- Layla 24/96 AD converters for up to 24 channels of AD conversion (for a total of 56 tracks of simultaneous recording)

img_20161019_174748004We also have a slew of great instruments for use in the studio including- Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender Stratocasters, 1945 National Lap Steel, a selection of Takamine acoustic guitars (12 and 6 string), Several Bass guitars (electric and acoustic), Saxophones (Alto and Tenor), many and varied percussion instruments as well as 2 great full trap sets including a vintage Slingerland 5 piece and a marvelous sounding Gretsch 5 piece (Cymbals etc).


The Green Room holds an array of great instruments for your use while in the studio.

We stock a great selection of amps including – Vintage Fender Blues DeVille 212 tube amp, 2- Roland Jazz Chorus 120’s, Marshall MG100DFX, Crate Acoustic 125D, Vintage Lab Series L-11 stack and many other small amps so you can get just the sound you are looking for.

Amps lined up the Live Room

Our dedication to your experience is second to none.