Yes we do video production!!  Since the mid 1980’s John (aka Sparky) has been producing videos for all kinds of projects.  Be it interesting videos for a coffee company or a furniture company or specialty items he has produced a number of interesting videos.

Here are a few samples.







Here is what we pack in our Video Production Arsenal.

Digital Video Cameras including head cams for those really wicked video shots.

Digital Video Editing Software.  Between both Mac and PC based systems we utilize what each offers in order to produce the finest product available.

Adobe Photoshop.  Between both Mac and PC versions of Adobe Photoshop we can produce the kinds of graphics that you want.

We also use a variety of other software that we have found produce excellent results.

We use only top of the line equipment to do our Video projects.  Everything from Digital Video recorders to Top notch video editing and graphics software.   With the utilization of state of the art equipment and software we produce GREAT results.

In the past we have worked for such famous companies as Dunn Bros Coffee when we made training videos for, and with, the founder Ed Dunn.  Filmed on location at their original store on Grand Ave in St Paul Minnesota we produced a series of videos used to train Dunn Bros employees in the ways of coffee.

We are also not afraid of traveling.  We have been to the island of Jamaica for a project for Coffee-n-Caffeine.  There we filmed from the tops of the Jamaican Blue Mountains on a coffee plantation and down in the processing plant at the Mavis Bank Coffee factory.  Our tour has been highly acclaimed on YouTube as THE VIDEO of coffee production and is currently on Coffee-Caffeine’s website.

Our work with Coffee-n-Caffeine also included producing a series of other videos for their website.  We went through the processing of coffee from roasting and flavoring of various coffees to packaging.  they too became a quick popular item for people to view on their website.

Through our contacts with iRazor Strategies we took several of their webinars and cut them into shorter segments for people to watch.  Each of the 2.5 hour plus webinars were recorded and with our software and computer processing power we cut them up into smaller segments each dealing with separate items given in the webinar.

We have the equipment, computers, and processing power to take your video project through to completion.