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Our Live Albums are zipped high quality MP3 files.
Your new music should immediately start downloading after you click the download button.

Usually it only takes a couple of minutes to download an album, but may take longer if you have a slow connection.

Once your new zipped file has downloaded you will need to locate it. All zipped files are labelled ______ followed by a three digit number. Usually on a MAC or PC it is in a folder called “Downloads” unless your computer has been set up to download to another folder. If that is a case, and you don’t know the folder, try a search for the band name or check your desktop or c-drive.

Unzip your file by double clicking on it. On rare occasions you will need a third party like Winzip (Windows) Stuffit Expander (Mac) to unzip your file.

That is it! Now it is up to you on how you want to listen to your new Live music. I

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