Only $1.99 for your 4k HD digital copy of The Lake Mystery full movie

The Lake Mystery is a movie about strange happenings on a lake in East Central Minnesota. A found footage film it takes video from SD cards and assembles the story. This is in a 4k video format, running about 1hour 10mintues in length. It is a almost 4gig download.  #thelakemystery

Once you make your payment with PayPal you will be redirected to a page where you will be given a unique link to download the film.  You will also get an email for your purchase as well.  Enjoy the film and thanks for buying.

This Film Is Not Rated, but should be considered suitable for people 13 and older.  No blood and gore, some slightly adult language, no nudity.


Hell of a good movie man! I love the music. The suspense got to me a little but I hung in there” – Cody S.

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