Here is our team

Mike B – has been a recording engineer since the late 1980’s. Mike owns his own home studio for many years.  He has honed his skills on analog gear which gives him a unique perspective on recording.  Like everyone he has advanced into the digital era which makes him a well rounded engineer.  He is equally comfortable with his skills in either environment or a hybrid such as his current studio, The Rice Street Circus Studio, which brings a warm comfortable environment face to face with state of the art recording.

His career, including his current long running stint as the house recording engineer for the iconic 1st Avenue Mainroom in Downtown Mpls has brought him to work with innumerable extraordinary artists from the local through the international scene. His work ethic, extensive experience live as well as in the studio, mixing and mastering recordings is evident in the ease and speed with which his work flows.

A musician for his entire life, he understands the needs of the customer and the need to keep the creativity flowing while keeping the budget under control.

John – has been recording and running sound for bands since the early 1980’s.  A long time musician and guitar player from an extremely early age, he has played with, recorded and run sound for bands since an early age.  A master of electronics he is able to make computers do things that others wonder about.  A master of digital recording he also works with Video and has a number of accomplishments under his belt for his video work.  He made videos for companies like Coffee-n-Caffeine an online coffee shop, and multi-million dollar company Erik Organic Furniture.  Be it running a 4 track tape to unlimited track digital systems along with video experience John brings unique qualities to Slippery Wrench.

John is a creative artist on many levels.  Guitar player, song writer, sound and recording engineer, videographer, editor he wears many hats.

Paul Nevins – comes to us through more traditional training with an impressive background in DAW based recording and editing. His work flow is seamless in the studio, making it quick and easy to get the work done, be it simple monitor mixing to complex major edits. His fluid nature and inviting attitude make him a pleasure to work with in the studio.

Paul, like everyone at Slippery Wrench Productions, is a musician first. An accomplished drummer, Paul also plays keyboards, Bass and guitar, making him a great asset to a band that needs some “extra attention” on tracks in the studio.